Steamboat District Market

The Steamboat District Market is a proposed multi level market for Poughkeepsie of mixed retail like food, fashion, entertainment, & more!

Map of Steamboat District MarketPoughkeepsie’s waterfront is at the beginning stage of development. With the Walkway Over the Hudson being a great attraction for both locals and tourists, Poughkeepsie needs another anchor — a place to shop, dine and keep spending local. Similar markets exist and thrive: St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, The Chelsea Pier Market in New York City, and the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

This project will take several resources to come together. Political support on all levels of government, engineering, architecture, investments, vendors / merchant interest, and many more. If you can help or know anyone who would have an interest in helping with this project, please contact us at mlund@mikelundenterprises.com


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Please note that there are no approvals at this time on the steamboat district market project. Site selection and offerings all subject to change. This solicitation was paid for privately by Michael Lund with the means to only gather feedback, suggestions and hopefully support as to grow the plan for the future. You can reach Michael Lund directly at mlund@mikelundenterprises.com. This project was founded with the core vision to serve the local community and create a destination for all people to enjoy.